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Jnana Prabodhini (Harali)
Journey of a phoenix : From destruction to development
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JPH aspires to change the visage of South Marathwada along the following dimensions :
  • Improvement in the quality of life of dry land farmers by using new techniques in agriculture
  • Making them aware of the available resources and how to employ them fruitfully
  • Management of water resources and solar energy which is amply available here
  • Improving the health conditions of people by preventive and curative measures
  • Empowerment of women by giving them training and job opportunities and encouraging abilities to work in groups through micro-credit groups
  • Freeing the young generation from the clutches of addictions-particularly Tobacco, Gutka and liquor.
  • Enhancing the self-respect of rural people by enhancing their socio-economic status
  • Grooming effective young leadership with character and vision

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