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Journey of a phoenix : From destruction to development
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Team working at Harali

Since 1993, JPH is being led by Dr. V. S. alias Anna Tamhankar (age 82) who, left his glamorous career in Psychology for the man-making and nation-building mission of JP. He has long experience in conducting rural development activities.

Dr. Swarnalata Bhishikar (age 63), a psychologist of merit also is a full timer of JPH. She mainly looks after the educational activities of JPH. She has too rich and varied experience in social work. She is a management expert and has been a guest-lecturer in a US university. She also is a meditation teacher and author of many books
In April 2014.

Mrs. Gauri Kapre (age 40), became an inmate of JPH. She has a master’s degree in Horticulture. So she took the brunt of JPH horticulture, agriculture and agricultural polytechnic

Commander Abhijit Kapre, (age 42), her husband joined her in June 2014 and started working as assistant Center In-Charge which is a total administrative responsibility of the Center. He has retired from a meritorious career in Navy i.e. working in Atomic submarines.
Gauri and Abhijit, both are past students of JPP. Then another young couple joined this group.

Ashwin and Kartiki Bhondve. Ashwin (age 27) is a first-class computer engineer from Aurangabad. He looks after the computer lab of JPH and is also involved in extension activities of JPH. His wife Kartiki (age 24) works as a primary teacher in JPH school.

Shri. Yashwant Patwardhan, a leading industrialist in construction from Pune, comes frequently to Harali to make available to Harali team his rich experience in business.

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