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Jnana Prabodhini (Harali)
Journey of a phoenix : From destruction to development

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  1. 1993-1995:Rehabilitation activities in Harali and surrounding villages.

  2. June 1995 : Establishment of a rural residential school in Harali 

  3. 1993-1995 : JPH ran a medical service center in Harali

  4. Dec. 1994 : A farmer friend donated 9 acres of land for the school

  5. Feb. 2000 : Dr. Tamhankar came alone to stay on the barren land of Harali   

  6. 2003 : Help of Rs. 40 lakhs from Japanese Consulate

  7. 2005 : The primary and secondary school building completed 

  8. 2006 : Dr. V. S. Tamhankar was given life-time achievement award by Navneet publications

  9.  2007 : JPH was felicitated with Vruksha Mitra (Friend of trees) Award by Maharashtra Govt.

  10. 2009 : Help from Canadian International Agency and Maharashtra Seva Samiti, Canada for building a diploma- school of agriculture

  11. 2014 : Breaking the ground Ceremony for future institute for Holistic medicine and therapy. Arrival of a new team with new aspirations.

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